Hemp Oils for Dogs?

Can My Dog Take CBD?

Researchers from Cornell have studied the usage of CBD in dogs and the research has come back positively. Researchers, headed by Joe Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN, DACVSMR, associate professor and section chief of nutrition at Cornell, wanted to determine if CBD was beneficial in controlling pain in dogs with osteoarthritis. Dogs suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) are usually prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), but NSAIDs sometimes are insufficient in alleviating pain and also have potential adverse effects, particularly in older pets with multiple, chronic diseases.

 To conduct the testing dogs were given an 8mg dose of CBD twice a day. To see the dogs reactions, the owners were given questionnaires about their pets overall reactions and health while taking the CBD’s. In addition to the owners, local veterinarians conducted exams to determine if there were any improvements in the pets.

The results seem to support reports of CBD’s benefits. Veterinary assessment showed that CBD reduced inflammation and the Canine Brief Pain Inventory and Hudson activity scores showed clinically significant reduction in pain and an increase in activity with CBD treatment. In brief this means that dogs with osteoarthritis became more active and felt better according to their owners and veterinarians.

Even with a small sample size and short study duration, the investigators concluded that 2-8 mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity level in dogs with OA.

Other research is also showing great benefits for pets. Cannabidiol can be used to help treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis and gastrointestinal issues. Unlike other medications given to dogs, CBD doesn’t damage the liver, kidneys, or GI tract. 

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