A Note From the Owner…

My name is David Cohen, and I am the President and an owner of IncredMed.

I learned about CBD in 2015 from a very good friend. He suggested I come to Colorado and learn more about CBD and how a plant may be able to change my life. He was aware that I was living everyday of my life in pain and had been hearing about Hemp on the news- a new alternative to prescription drugs, or as he stated….. a better way….

I had been taking many different medications over the past 20 years that had been prescribed to treat gout. Like many other ailments (the common cold) there are prescription and supplement treatments, but still no cure for gout.

In 2016, in addition to my ongoing issues with gout, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic & Rheumatoid Arthritis. With the diagnosis came more tests and more pills. Pills on top of pills – all of which started to make me sick. I was getting more lethargic and the pain never seemed to go away.

On May 28, 2016 I was rushed to the Hospital. Because of sever bleeding, through ulcers in my stomach, and side affects of the medication I’d been prescribed, I was hospitalized for several days.

Over the past 2 years our staff have worked very hard to develop IncredMed our own CBD business. The initial product had to be different, something that didn’t taste bad, something that other people would see as “normal”. That’s when we decided to create the CBD tablet and CBD mint. Our tablets are derived from 100% Colorado Hemp and independently tested for quality.

After a year of taking IncredMed, I can personally report my gout has completely subsided, my arthritis pain is manageable and I am living a more pain free life with many less prescriptions. IncredMed worked for me and I hope if you try it, it will work for you.

David Cohen
Owner / President.

One thought on “A Note From the Owner…

  1. Arthur Paoletti says:

    I started using your CBD in early May, 2018 as I prepared for cancer treatment. I can say that I feel and am told I look well despite the regimen I am going through. I believe the CBD to have an overall positive affect on my life as I truly feel unimpeded by the treatment. I undergo chemo soon and look forward to the benefits of IncredMed CBD during that testy and invasive program . I will be back on this blog with results, soon.

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